“‘Biome’ means” by Atsushi Ikeda


You walk around the city to look for a garden. The only ones

you find are fenced in by air quotes. Tiny hydroponic farms.

The tomato patch on campus. Snowhunks from

roofs/ledges bury your steps in avalanches.

You walk around the city to look for a single flower. No

qualifications. No name, preferred colour. It’s harder

than you thought so you think about it harder. Realize

you could’ve just stayed home, snowed in,

And drawn seven hexagrams

On a piece of graph paper.


Atsushi Ikeda is a writer in Montreal. He is also a pair of amphibrachs, and a banjo wearing a brain. His work has appeared in Yolk Literary, Into the Void, Half a Grapefruit, Collusion Books, and more. You can ping him @murphy_chicken on Twitter! :)