"Brand new (almost)" by Hannah Stephings


I come out of the water, gleaming, panting

and try to leave you far out

at the sea

amongst the foam and fishing boats.

out on the pebbled shore, swaddled in a rough, peach towel

I’m cleaner, brighter,

brand new (almost)

And for a few moments it feels like

the beginning of the world.

Day by day, I’m being worn down

reshaped and polished

like a shard of sea-glass

quietly becoming another thing



Hannah Stephings is a poet and freelance writer, living in Edinburgh. Her work has previously appeared in The Mark Literary Review, Loft Books Anthology and Heroica amongst other publications. When her nose isn't in a book, she's often lost in the trails or attempting a handstand.

Twitter: @HStephings

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