"elegy for my lover’s spine" by Cassidy Champagne


bones surrounding the spinal cord are the weakest in the body

but my lover’s vertebrae are as vehement as I

protrude through skin on sheets

his spine greets me, says hello!

speed bumps run along its surface,

warn of his delicacy. remind me.

saran wrap skin stretches tight as I try

to unravel him daily.

ask his back: do you ever let anyone in?

watch knuckles, knots manufacture

homes inside their maker.

he tells me the photographs will last longer.

my eyes linger. they remember.

I play his pulse as a beat, my chewed cuticles

claw their way round & down his throat,

wrap around small intestine

& tug.


Cassidy Champagne is a poet and student, often found with a coffee in hand, writing about the pacific northwest or her failed relationships. She believes the colour green is everything. Find her being mostly inactive on Instagram @casschampagne.

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