"half-lives" by Jared Wong


writing a eulogy for myself, i trace the outlines of my half-lives. each destined for decay. the first version i broke preferred ice coffee on sundays, playing mario bros and kelly clarkson. things that broke include robin hood, vinyl discs, crackers, school yard fences and glasses. something chipped away and wasn’t replaced or recovered after I swing danced with a scallop in dartmouth. i think i left a bread trail of chipped anchors and lighthouses, beers and midnight kisses. it is conceivable that part of me was lost the first time i learned of pizza toppings. this was discovered over gifted conversations, fire tables and popcorn.


Jared Wong (he/him) is a graduate of Mount Allison University (BA) and Carleton University (MA), and a former staffer in Parliament. His poetry has appeared in 7Mondays and Bywords. He’s currently waiting out the winter and pandemic in Whitehorse, Yukon. He occasionally peruses Twitter @Jared_CGW.

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