"heat wave" by Quinn Christensen


mom makes iced tea every day

& i fall asleep on the couch

with the windows open.

maddie and i take walks

but only at night.

we sit on the curb,

five blocks from the tennis court -

a pause on the way home.

i tell her i want secrets,

something to keep from him.

we talk about time, art, sex.

we make new year’s resolutions

at the end of may.

i live off of lime popsicles & prednisone.

i find mosquito bites on my knuckles.

finals are coming,

the one-year anniversary of the breakup

and i want to text him

but i make a pie instead.

i make the kitchen so hot

that the rest of the house is cool by comparison.

the cat sheds.

the mind wanders.

the heart re-breaks.

i wait for rain.


Quinn Christensen is a writer and student from St. Paul, MN. Her work has appeared in Lunch Ticket, Journal of Erato and The Foredge Review. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @quinnjillayne.

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