"Human Halves" by Ellen Huang

Updated: Mar 13, 2021


If a mermaid and a satyr,

half human and full drunk

twine together their beings

like knotted fairy crowns

like dryad fitted for a tree

like braided lettuce rapunzel

would their recognizable halves

together make one full human?

or would the slime of the fish

and hair of the goat

make monstrosity like

the capricorn of the rivers?

If the two of us, whittled beings

half human in anyone's eyes

merge together our pieces

filling spaces we never knew

we had, swimming streams

we never knew we loved

would our undone pieces

together make anything change?

or would the spirit of you

and the spirit of me

return to the bodies, separated

as before, but alive,

alive, my darling

even if try as we may,

we cannot burrow in each other's

shadows, only race forward

in mythical ecstasy


Ellen Huang (she/her) holds a BA in Writing + Theatre from Point Loma Nazarene University. Often inspired by fairy tales, she is published/forthcoming in Ice Lolly Review, Next Door Villain, miniskirt magazine, Elephants Never, Awkward Mermaid, X-Ray Lit, and Vamp Cat, among others. You can follow her magic here: worrydollsandfloatinglights.wordpress.com.

Twitter: nocturnalxlight

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