“I think I’m finding myself again” by Rebecca Herrera


Lately, I’d rather get myself lost in

the thin petals of my garden roses

The ones growing on my windowsill, the only place

in this whole damn apartment that gets any sunlight…


Maybe I could find a better way to mix pink lemonade

Pour it out from my watering can- like June rain

and hope the extra sugar has me feeling sweeter

than you and your mouth ever did


I could start writing again, finally, now that

my mind isn’t made of caramel flan

and crushed strawberries

I don’t think I love you anymore

My garden roses, they need my hands again,

I need to sew them some lace to protect their stems,

and make sure their drinking water has enough starlight,

and that their soil has just the right amount of

gold leaf in-between the roots,

and you don’t seem to miss me, do you?

I once let my roses die

just to kiss you longer


Rebecca Herrera is a Salvadoran-American, strawberry-haired girl born and raised in New York. She completed her undergraduate degree in Art History and Museum Professions from the Fashion Institute of Technology. You can find her at home playing Animal Crossing or wandering around any NYC art museum.

Instagram: @strawberry.img