"Melancholia" by Mattea Gernentz


The ring slips off satin

and tomorrow I swear I will

brush my shoes, button my teeth,

be all the things I meant to be

before this concrete heart

sunk, burying me. Now I sleep

with door unlocked, dead

to starlight robbers and cheats,

and know nothing more

can be thieved—there are museums

of me on every continent,

my visage reflected in the glass,

a label, reading: she was born

and will die, sooner or later.


Mattea Gernentz (she/her) is a poet and art curator from Nashville currently living in Edinburgh. Her creative writing meditates on themes of memory, womanhood, and loss and has been featured in The Pub, ST.ART Magazine, Kodon, and Solum Press. Chai lattes, purring cats, and cozy bookshops bring her joy.

Instagram/Twitter: @thewhimsicalowl

Website: www.whimsyandwords.com

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