"Ode To Being Almost—" by Raquel Luciano


Sometimes you pour yourself water and it evaporates

before you remember to drink it. Let it go where lost

socks go. Your laundry sits in the basket for so long

it wrinkles and starts calling you grandkid. You tell people

it only takes thirty days to form a habit because you heard

a guy talk about how he tried something different

every month to see if he could. You talk a lot. You talk

about movies you want to watch and visiting Greece,

but you let drafts of poems turn into paper airplanes

with no distance. You listened to a TED talk about how

procrastinators have a monkey living in their heads

that only cares about easy and fun. You run out of bananas

so you start letting him feed on what is left of the gray

matter. There are things you have done that are worse

than this. There are things you are that are better than this.

Astrologists say that Geminis go crazy if they are doing less

than fourteen tasks at one time. They say you dream

in Ferris wheels. You save the stew recipes, but forget

about the potatoes until they start to sprout.

Give yourself permission to embrace

your in-between. Give yourself credit for making it

to fifteen days or two days into good habits. Forgive yourself

for all the ways you are not bad nor good.

Stitch up these broken promises

with a thread tied to the softest needle.


Raquel Luciano is a future educator and a student at the University of Central Florida. She lives in Orlando with her girlfriend and their five crazy cats. She loves singing bad karaoke. Find her on Instagram @raq.poet.

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