"only beneath a summer sky" by Chloe Lin


we lie

on the faux grass

each blade a memory

of a painted summer


acrylic azure skies

streaky golden rays

coral-stained lips

i fear every time

we say good night

the summer skies

will seize our letters

and hide them

in the stars

we live in

each other’s gravities

i fear this love

will dissipate

unable to savour the cards

we’ve been dealt

the butterflies

are anonymous


of our magic tricks

i fear each hug

will be the last time i breathe

in your scent drop a

kiss on your neck

and bask in your fantasy


we lie

on the faux grass

and i wonder

if this will all be gone

by fall


Chloe Lin is a teen writer who lives in Long Island, New York. She is currently published/forthcoming in Rattle, Young Writers, and she is a finalist in 1455’s 3rd Annual Teen Poetry Contest. She is a submissions reader for Herricks OPUS and the Young Writers Initiative. When Chloe is not selling her soul to a Google Document, she enjoys messing up recipes and folding paper cranes. She tweets @chlo_voyance.

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