"Renaissance Sim- Life Aspiration" by Olivia Torres


I make myself a million bodies

big boobs, big dreams, digging deep-

I know. make me into a million

lifetimes, choke myself into abalone

waifs that sparkle and pout with natural

grins whenever I feel like it.

I level up in ways I can’t quantify

here. give meaning to the moments

where I look at myself in the mirror

and don’t cringe away. when the glowing

bar appears above my skull I know I’m

charming. a chess board materializes

and suddenly I’m Copernicus, shredding

through logic and the church and everything

that actually confounds me in real life

but not in there. listen. it’s a better life

a safer sky, a magic matrix that boasts

of consent. consent to move, consent

to fuck, a merry marriage of will and goals.

forget the treatment plans, the WRAPs

the plastic knives that do not break at mealtimes.

leave me and Copernicus alone, and we with our

big boobs and dreams will rediscover the sun-

the lightbulb of pixels that illuminate the screen.


Olivia Torres is a queer, biracial fangirl who hails from a small town in western Massachusetts where the potholes in the roads are so large they have now developed sentience. She received her Bachelor's in English from Westfield State University, and her work has appeared in journals such as the Merrimack Review, Secondchance Lit, the Dandelion Review, Backslash Lit, and Alyss Literary Journal.

Instagram: @livstorres

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