"The Last Straw" by Kika Man


The weather is batshit crazy,

temperatures flying, echolocation useless in the face of this speed.

It snows and rains and hails, the sun is a warm bath.

My plants have not been watered, I might even miss their coming out.

I collect my belongings, off for six months, planting my self-care in a hospital.

I clear out my room, four years from now I can reopen these boxes, re-rooting from Hong Kong

to Belgium.

Now I think I lost my way within my bedroom.

Every time I look, I find myself back in my kitchen, desolate.

I have apple sauce and yoghurt in my fridge, but they’ve traded their souls for the nicest

food heaven, leaving behind their rotten bodies.

My house is about to lose its roof, the snow is colouring pictures on the inside.

I do not think I have a mind, the box won’t close anymore.


Kika Man 文詠玲 (she/they) is a writer and a student from Belgium, and also from Hong Kong. She has always been writing and playing and learning and reading. To them, all of these are one and the same. Kika writes about mental health, traveling and dreaming, about her mixed identity, about music and blueness. Alongside writing poetry, she is part of Slam-T (a spoken word & slam poetry platform). They have majored in Eastern Languages and Cultures: China at Ghent University and are currently chasing after a degree and PhD in Gender and Diversity and Cultural studies. Kika’s first poetry book will be published soon in 2021-2022.

Instagram: kikawinling

Twitter: kikawinling

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