"venus as a dream with no name" by Clarice Lima


when did you start your revolutions? little venus, you live in such a pretty planet my city is crumbling apart there are holes in chest cavities

where dreams used to seek consolation

meanwhile there is a place far from me in which you move

meanwhile i hope that from the ruins of my home

i can get a hold of a comet's tail and climb to you

light years away until every memory is washed but the sway of your limbs

i wake up to angels pouring from the sky open field full with feathers loose

backwards sunrise our star is at west you are at the side of my bed

you ask me if i am ready to part sick of aching i say i do

falling moons serve a little breakfast a meteor twin holds my hand

scars like late summer you have the love of a thousand hands i barely have my own

give me a millennium or two to recover from your dazzlement how many hands have touched your hands? i wonder looking at my own

if i were to bite the sides of the moon for you i would

if i were to kiss you it would be with such intent it would feel religious

if i were to claim your hands as my own and your teeth on my tongue

i would be the greedy sun and exhaust the hydrogen supply of all your stars

until there would be no force to support their core against gravity

and then it would be a trap and then you would fall into my arms only our existences perpetuating in this withered space

who taught you to linger like that? late at night i shiver with the thought of a post-you

whispering your name in the infinite of a home not a home

how could i dare to call the universe a home

it bears no place for me when you are capitulating

such a silly being to think it could seduce a void

when it can barely stand without crumpling

stomach aches from swallowing stars i was not made for this

a disaster i will call by your name a comma and mine

i will rest my head on a nebula tunnel and look at your gleaming eyes

the light in me a projection of the greatness in you

look at me and tell me i am not the absorption of every universal mistake

look at me and tell me you will stay in this collapsing star

and i promise to remain the lonely child down on earth dreaming about your belly


Clarice Lima is a young bilingual writer and Literature undergraduate based in Brazil. With a lifelong love for stories and all things warm, they mostly want to be kind.

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