“When Macaulay Culkin Writes the First Line of a Poem” by Danielle Rose

Updated: Jan 10, 2021


It reads: I like flowers because they’re like grass that put on a fancy hat.

And then it just ends. And I wonder if this is a poem about wearing hats or a guide instructing methods to befriend growing things—like all the ways a stalk of grass can become a flower. I swear this is true. Like the way I swear the world is made of books we use to conceal things. Like when all the synonyms of tired I memorized as a child become a bridge between this body & a desire to become a blooming flower. If this is a poem about grass it is green & flowing; a stalk of grass & how I become this flower.


Danielle Rose is the author of AT FIRST & THEN (Black Lawrence Press '21.) Her recent work can be found in Palette Poetry, Hobart After Dark and Pithead Chapel.

Twitter: @danirosepoet