"Winter's Fever Dream" by Sarah Wallis


Haven’t you been dreaming of the heat

on a quiet, Greek island, endless days of summer,

whitewashed buildings

in the cloudless high blue, and fall of teal green seas,

the click of turquoise beads and a skinny dip droplet


all shook out, while white bow waves on the water,

sigh towards the baked stone cottages

and the sun is bronzing my skin,

quickening my bones,

sizzling in the heat of a slow day’s romance,

gardenias scenting the air, a hand trailing the water,

and the long, languorous day,

later, chilled wine, and maybe a waltz in the evening

a yellow gardenia braided into my hair like a 50s film star


Sarah Wallis is a poet and playwright based in Scotland, UK. Recent work is @selcouthstation @trampset @CPQuarterly and The Alchemy Spoon. Her chapbook, Medusa Retold, a long form narrative poem told from Medusa’s point of view, is available from @fly_press and she tweets @wordweave.